AG ULTRA w/Gourmet AG ULTRAt Plus Grow Anything Kit

AG ULTRA w/Gourmet AG ULTRAt Plus Grow Anything Kit

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The AeroGarden Ultra is a revolutionary new indoor garden that grows year-round fresh herbs, salad greens, tomatoes, vegetables and more with no dirt, weeds or mess. It features the MyGarden control panel, the "brain" of the garden that guides you every step of the way, from planting to harvest ensuring your success. Not only is the AeroGarden Ultra simple and easy to use it's fun and educational for the entire family!

This exclusive Hydrofarm collection includes everything you need to start growing right out of the box!
* 2 Special Edition Seed Kits (Gourmet Herb Seed Kit Plus a Grow Anything 1-Season Kit)
* 3 MaxGrow grow lights
* Quick Start Guide & Tending and Harvesting Guide

The Gourmet Herb Kit includes:
* Genovese Basil
* Dill
* Thyme
* Lemon Basil
* Mint
* Oregano
* Globe Basil
* A full season of nutrients and a Tending and Harvesting guide

The Grow Anything Kit 1-Season includes:
* 7 Grow Sponges
* 3 oz. Liquid Nutrients
* 7 Universal Baskets
* 7 Grow Domes
* 7 Labels

* MyGarden Control Panel automatically controls all growing functions
* Easy "QuickPlant" settings or complete customization of all critical garden functions
* AeroGarden's tallest garden yet - more than twice the height of the original AeroGarden 7 for growing bigger plants better. Still perfect for herbs and lettuce, too
* On-screen clock makes changing light on/off settings easy
* Onboard "GardenCoach" displays timely tips that teach users to become better gardeners every time they grow
* Twice the light of the AG7 and now with MaxGrow Grow Lights for even greater luminosity
* Advanced users can easily customize all critical garden functions, including lights, nutrient cycle, and pump cycle
* Germination mode increases seed germination rates
* High Growth mode automatically increases oxygen and nutrient flow to fast-growing plants
* Easy to set 24 hour light cycles for seedlings or enhanced vegetative growth
* Includes new trellis system offering a wide variety of plant support options
* Improved reminder system including audio alerts for nutrients and water
* Detailed dashboard notes all critical garden info in one place
* Improved lamp hood, reflectors and lamp arm for greater growth, easier adjustment
* MyGarden Control Panel automatically