Organic Sensizym 4L

Organic Sensizym 4L

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As a grower, you know that a clean, robust root zone is critical to healthy, productive, high-quality crops. And if you’ve got a 100% organic garden or prefer supplementing with organic products, then we’ve got something really special just for you:


Sensizym Organic OIM


This specialized blend of active enzymes — approved for organic crop production — scours your crops’ root zone for dead, complex organic material, breaking it down into simpler nutrients that support healthy plant growth and maximum bloom production.

This revolutionary root-health formula:

  • Strengthens your crops’ roots and keeps them clean, white and bright.
  • Boosts the amount of bioavailable nutrition in your root zone, giving them more fuel to reach their full genetic potential.
  • Provides a broad spectrum of enzymes to more closely replicate the most fertile natural soil conditions.



Approved For Organic Crop Production

These days, many companies proclaim their products are “organic.” But in reality, very few can say they meet the standards of California’s Organic Input Material (OIM) Program.


Sensizym Organic OIM is the first active root enzyme formulation to receive California’s coveted OIM seal.

With Sensizym Organic OIM, you’ll rest assured knowing your grow is getting the highest-quality nutrition possible, from ingredients that have been approved by the California Department of Food and Agriculture for organic crop production.

Plus, you’ll be able to confidently pass that assurance on to your customers. Remember — their health is in your hands!