End Cap Display From Green Gro

End Cap Display From Green Gro

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See the attached flyer for a full listing of the items you receive!!

Our attractive and sturdy end cap unit looks great in stores and provides a focal point for customers to gravitate towards. With this end cap unit, your sales of GreenGro products could effortlessly climb up as much as 200% just by placing it in a prominent area of your store. More sales opportunities means more profits!!


- Easy to spot what SKU must be restocked

- Customers can see the entire line of GreenGro

- Great way to attract new customers and sales

- Moveable, durable & aesthetic piece for your show room.

- By purchasing the full end cap, a retailer saves money off purchasing the products individually.

The GreenGro End Cap allows customers to view the new and innovative Earthshine soil recycling product. The one and only true biochar based product that can save both the store owner and customer money by being able to reuse organic soil just by mixing in GreenGro Earthshine to their existing soil.