Hydrofarm CO2 (.2-2 cu ft per hour) with Timer

Hydrofarm CO2 (.2-2 cu ft per hour) with Timer

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Active Air climate control products are available for a variety of indoor growing applications. Active Air fans, CO2 systems, filters, and other products in the line have been custom-engineered for hobby and commercial growers, to provide both performance and value. With attractive color packaging that highlight each product's features, Active Air is the name you can trust for your climate control needs.

Deliver growth-boosting CO2 with our user-friendly, easy to operate system. With its programmable timer, it will automatically maintain ideal CO2 levels for optimum growth. For small to medium size areas, select the COSYS; for larger than 10' x 10' areas, select the COSYS20.

To use Hydrofarm's CO2 Flow Rate Calculator, click HERE