SolarFlare 110W LED Spectral Blend VegMaster

SolarFlare 110W LED Spectral Blend VegMaster

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The SolarFlare 110 VegMaster

This version has an optimized color spectrum exclusively for the vegetative phase. It’s designed to deliver good vegetative growth. The spectrum is heavy on blue and deep blue but balanced with red, deep red and warm white for active vegetation.

The SolarFlare 110 LED Grow Light is California LightWorks' smallest LED grow light unit that delivers quite a punch for its size and power. It includes 22 super intensity 5 Watt LED emitters for total nominal power of 110W.

The SolarFlare 110 has the same unique features of the SolarFlare 220 including:

Super quiet operation: The product features a low RPM high CFM 80mm axial fan that generates very little audible noise while efficiently cooling the oversized heat sink.

The SolarFlare 110 also has an output plug that allows up to 20 SolarFlare 110 units to be chained together using the optional daisy chain power cords. This makes the installation of multiple SolarFlare 110 units a breeze by allowing up to 20 units to be powered by the same outlet using a single timer.

• 44 Super High Flux US made 5 Watt LED emitter diodes
• High efficiency universal voltage power supplies
• Uniform 90 degree jewel quality glass primary optics, no secondary optics

• High photo-synthetic photon flux (PPF) to penetrate canopy and deliver unparalleled yield results
• Worldwide power support, 40-50% Power savings over HID based systems
• Uniform, coverage area (up to 4' x 4' for Veg.) No wasted light