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T-Rex 1 pt

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T-Rex - custom blended in Northern California, never dried or dehydrated!

T-Rex is to be used in the first 1-3 weeks of the vegetative cycle. It is recommended to foliar spray once during the last week of vegetation cycle or during the first week of the flowering cycle in order to remain on the flowering sites through maturity. For slower growing plants consider using the higher end of the recommended usage rate (2-5 ml per gallon of water).

For faster growing plants, use less T-Rex and apply in the first week of vegetation only. T-Rex is compatible with any fertilizer product, however T-Rex is developed for use with Cutting Edge Solutions Fertilizers.

T-Rex Application and Usage

Recirculating hydroponic systems: Mix 1-2 ml per gallon of water
Drain to waste hydroponic systems: Mix 2-5 ml per gallon water
Organic soil systems: Mix 2-5 ml per gallon water
Clone Machines: Mix 1-2 ml per gallon water
Hand watering mother plants: Mix 5-10 ml per gallon water
Soak for rock wool and oasis cubes: Mix 5-10 ml per gallon water
Foliar spray: Mix 5 ml per gallon